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Hey you guys, how much do you think it's worth???

Black on Black.
1995 Supra twin turbo, Manual six speed, 55k miles, targa, build in AMP and subwoofer. The vehicle is in excellent condition. One pervious 65-year-old owner. I have all service and sales records. Engine and electronics are unmodified except for exhaust and intake. The car produces approximately 380 horsepower. I have the original pipe and intake. The new pipe is HKS titanium and carbon fiber. The intake is BLITZ stainless mesh. The previous head mechanic for Porsche Racing USA has upgraded the suspension: 3-way adjustable HKS hyper damper coil overs, TRD sway bars and shock tower supports front and rear. The suspension can easily be put back to stock when desired. The rims are Japanese two-piece AXIA. 18X9 and 18X10. The tires are Pirelli 265/35. The car will accept 315's on the rear. The brakes are 13' four piston Brembo style disks.


FcUk said:
ive just noticed/realised supras are much more expensive in USA

anyways ncie pic of supra with the fountain and cars in background
this is true...
but compared to ours (aus and nz... good ole J-Spec) they have alot more Targa tops (which i prefer but apparently most people like HT's D:! ) and are a bit different under the hood :]
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