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Hi, guys!

Suddenly, I realized that I`m the only one left here in Moscow with alive mk3.

This is my second one mk3, the first one I have purchased a long time ago as my first car ever.

I`m a regular MB driver now, but there is a good old supra in my heart, and I do love it, really.

I have obtained this love 5 years ago. It was boring Saturday in September and I was lying in bed, trying to find what to do. looking at cars listing at the local site, a have found one mk3. It was written "it hasn`t met pillars and seems to be alive"

is it a miracle or what, I wondered? It`s a miracle, I assumed, once I have met it. It was about alive. Wow.... Wow!!! Ok, man, let`s go to the place I pay you, I said.

So,I become a mk3 owner)

I have done some minor things, like full repaint, engine restore, front breaks replacement (I like MB, so I have brembo), and so on, so on, so on, so on))) I let myself not to write here all the thing to get it looks and feels like a new car, but I have done it. It costs me X7 it`s purchase price, and it worths it)

now I have, I suggest, the only one alive mk3 in Russia.

So, here are photos)

1987 Supra Turbo R154 Pearl White, Blue Velour
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Beautiful car! And the cake is awesome! lol. Heck, i even like the front Russian License plate!
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