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Hi all :)

At the begin:
My English is worse.

I drive a Supra MKIII at my last dyno run i have 547HP with elektronic like VPC, GCC, F-con and Water-Methanol injection at 24PSI with a T62

Now i buy the AEM and have a question about the ignition map. I make my own map and my car runs for the boost verry good, but maybe i can run a better ignition. :)
with AEM i have no Knock Kontrol have to adjust the Knock graph by myself. So i cant drive the ignition to the limit but if i dont drive on the limit it cost many HP. :rolleyes:

My question:

On which degree you all drive so round about?
for example at 15PSI, at 22, at 29 and 35?

I ask here Chiptuner, now i ask here too, because you all drive a car like my car.

I use a 1/16 zoll Gasket.
My Airtemp behind my Intercooler is 8 Celsius hotter as the air outside because of a big intercooler. (31,4 zoll to 17,7 to 6,57)

Do someone know which ignition timing i can run round about before the engine begin to knock at this points?

At the moment i drive with 22 degree at 15PSI and 19 at 22 PSI
and higher boosts i dont drive at the moment and i dont go to the limmit from the exhaust gas temperature, because i use 1000er injectors and at the moment i fill the fuelrail only from the rear. Want to fill it too from the front before i run higher loads now. With my last injectors 550er it was not so bad to fill only from the rear.

And another question to the people use a Water injetcion. How much degree you drive after the point the injektion works round about? I pump 0,22 galones per minute inside the engine.

Sorry about my english, but here tune more People the MKIII as in germany so i ask here. :)

Hope you all understand me. :D
I dont want to know, you can do so and so. Because i know, each engine is not the same.
But i have a better base for tuning my engine.
I tune all alone and i sure not go to a AEM tuner. I want to know it by myself.
I spend much time in learn to use the AEM and i know i can learn all about it. :) Maybe it cost me a engine and more time but its the price for it.

Nice if you can help me a little bit.
Maybe i have to change the ignition map before i test it and run it. :)

Next question about the AEM.

I have a little problem to lower the fuel if my car stand and drives with lower speeds as 30 miles. Maybe my injectors a little bit too big.

I lower the fuel max i can on the main Fuel map and i lower the injektors Voltage too, near to the point they dont open with the AEM.
Want to run at a 14,7 AFR or 12,8 but at the moment i run at 10 below 30 miles to accelate its ok only if i drive 20 or 30 mph constant.

So enough questions. :D
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