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(sorry for the bad spel. and grammer, english is not my first laug.)

Hi guys,

I am a newbit here and I hope that you will help me in my project.

My project is:
Put a 2jz-gte in a 86 300ZX

yesterday I receive my 2jz

it is 2jz-gte came from 93 aristo jza147 Auto Tranny (I am witing for my 1jz manual tranny to put it )
so it is jap. ver. 280hp

my Q is:

I receive the engine with the ECU, igniter and engine harness
but I notes that the A cilp in the ECU is cuted!!!

and the harness came without any relay!!!!

so it is came without relay or I lose it ???


if any one have a wiring digram for the aristo 2JZ or it is the same as the US 2JZ

thanks for your help guys


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pic of the car please
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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