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High RPM Shift Fuel Cut?????

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I'm getting a problem that I haven't seen many people have. I've tried just about everything and nothing yet has seem to solve it. When I am driving hard, 6.8k shifts, the car will feel like it's hitting fuel cut! Once the car is shifted and gas is reapplied, the car stutters (like fuel cut) maybe once or twice and then is back in full power. Any ideas? This is on a TS04 6-Spd with VPC/AFC. Please let me know, I'm stumped. We've tried the BOV. What could it possibly be??
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Does it seem like its missing or stumbling? If it were fuel cut the red triangle on the dash would blink on for a second. I had a similar problem only at high revs and high boost 18psi. The car would accelerate and then stumble then accelerate etc.. I changed my plugs and tried different gaps that helped but didn’t solve the problem. Finally I talked to Jeff Watson at J-marks and he mentioned that they had success at changing the coil packs. So I bit the bullet and replaced all of them. Problem solved. Coil packs do ware out.
you may want to check out the plugs.. I don't have a single, but I had somewhat of the same prob and it was the plugs. What kind are you running?
Yup.. coil packs and plugs.. I got lucky.. I didn't do the pocket slashing coil packs yet... just changed the plugs and it worked.. make sure your gapping is good too.
It's not a stumbling feeling. It only does it after a hard shift, immediately after the shift. It's more of a fuel cut feeling. I changed the plugs immediately after this and it didn't do anything. Running NGK 3330's. Thanks
i have the same problem recently and its not my fuel cut. Plugs already changed. Probably gonna need new coil packs too...
Maybe your fuel pump is not switching over to 12V mode quick enough.
Also do you have a aftermarket BOV and the stock together?? what your setup. Im thinking that the stock could be bad.

also try pulling your track fuse and see if it still dose it.

can you give me a list of your mods
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