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Every year my Team hosts a Beach Bash on Hobie Beach in Key Biscayne...

Last year, we had over 150 cars show up and had 2 kegs (that lasted about an hour LOL) and a whole mess of burgers/hot dogs..

This year, we have a permit so that means cops cant try to close us down, the event is sponsored by Bud Light, Select Vodka, COR Wheels, and Exclusive Entertainment. We are going to have a minimum of 4-6 Kegs, Select Vodka for you alcoholics :p, Burgers/Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken (as per request from on of our members LOL) and a couple badass professional DJ's.

Also, i forgot to mention a couple sororities from FIU and a Fraternity are coming so you know its the first week of Spring Break...

College girls & Alcohol = :D

By the way, WE WILL BE CHECKING ID's due to underage people trying to drink.

What else is as good as modified cars, women at the beach, beer and food???

ITS GONNA BE BANANAS!! Ive got a lot of companies and sponsors coming out, 5 KEGS thanks to Bud light, and a few cases of Select Vodka! Bring a designated driver or make sure you stay a few hours! A few funnels and plenty of sexy rides and sexier women! Dj Khanvict and Popo mike in the house rockin the turn tables haha. I got this!!!! Just make sure youre there at
or b4 noon if you want a good spot. Contact me or my brother Chris via the PM/email/mobile (flyer)
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