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I just put in a new alternator today, everything was cool untill...

I took off red lined it in first... then went to shift and I noticed that the battery light and various other lights on the dash were blinking rapidly. also noticed that everything was really bright. Confused at first, I rev it up some...

Now when i HIT 4000 RPM the voltage guage shoots up to 18 + volts... and ALL OF MY LIGHTS Dash, headlight and everything get REALLLY BRIGHT. many of the dash light block rapidly at the same time (i think its the ECU's way of saying TOO MUCH POWER)

I think it's safe to say the alternator is putting out too much power. It's a stock alt.

Everything is normal till I hit 4 grand now...

What's the problem? ... did i blow the new alternator? Is there a volage regulator or somthing else that I jacked up? Please help!!

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Yes it is internally regulated.


You can blow your ECU, and host of other things, that won't make you happy.

Exchange your alternator, it sounds like it is defective.
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