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Well it seems after 16 months i have pretty much everything i have saved for and purchased for the dawg.
Let me know what you guys think.
95 6 speed.
SP tubular kit
800 turbo
Hks fuel with 780 delphi injectors if Dave henry can help me out..;)
twin walbros, etc
HKS type R cooler
LW FW with rps stage 3 clutch
Greddy LW pulleys, stock crank pulley
Elec Fans
Tial bov
Defi bf gauges
HKs evc (new with screen)
Tein flex
Blitz Z2 wheels
body completely redone from ground up with all new panels as i had some previous body work in one rear panel so i replaced all.
Went from red to Lambo Quiksilver
Kit that i peiced together from bomex, stillen and veilside. Sounds harsh but very nice.
And my newest addition 264 cams.
Just looking for feedback and ideas. I bought thsi mkiv over 1.5 years ago and only drove it 10 miles home to strip it down and begin what ended as a $40G plus redo.
I dont ahve pics yet but i really want to know what you think of the cam/turbo choice and if my spare set of hks blue top (680/720?) inj will work
Thanks guys!
I live for this forum and have been here for years, just been bouncing around with cars.

A wonderful group of people with infininte knowledge and helpfulness

1,433 Posts
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Sorry for turning that into a book, had one to many beers tonight and ...well you guys get the point. My main concern in the turbo/cams selection.
Im not sure on the exact specs on the turbo but lets assume it is a T64ish. i plan on running 20 psi on the street 90% of the time. some higher boost runs but i dont really think anything over 25 psi
Shoot some ideas, concerns, opinions, anything
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