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HKS only replaces the rear cat where the RMM replaces both. HKS also doesn't have a O2 bung on you have to drill/weld your own or get yourself a o2 fooler.

quietest angled? most guys here are into noise! lol
but the quietest angled exhaust i've seen is the TRD gen II exhaust. enjoy!


Mazx6 said:
i tried a search but didn't come up with much. I'm about a buy an HKS downpipe for stock twins ( got a good deal). I don't see many people running them, and i was wondering.. Are they just as good as the RMM DPs???

Ok I know people are going to say i didn't search, but i promise you i did. I'm looking for the quitest angled sytle exhaust. i like to hear the motor just as much as anything else. thanks!
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