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Question i can't get my boost controller to boost 1st 2nd and 3rd gear past 14psi? how can I fix this? 4th 5th and 6th no problem boost at 18psi. Any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

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When you did your initial set up on the boost controller (where you set the type of wastegate, base boost, target boost, and the correction factor)..

Did you follow the manual and do it parked, or did you set the base boost by doing a pull?

If you did it parked.. toss the manual; that method does not work.

To properly set the EVC, you need to reset the boost controller, then go though the initial setup..

For external gates you set it to "P" type, then when it gets to your base boost.. go drive the car..

Do a pull in 1st, 2nd, and if possible a good 4th gear pull on the highway..

After a few pulls, accept the setting, then set your target boost, (At least 2 psi above base boost)

The correction factor screen will come up..

Then go drive again, and do some pulls in diffrent gears.. adjust the correction factor until you are hitting your target boost perfectly.. then accept the setting and go though the rest of the screens until you are out of initial set up.

After that the boost controller will work fine.

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