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In stock - I have not seen one in action yet personally. Dusty might have more info on it - he has sold a few to his customers but is not in today.

Did not look at the HKS Site but as stated in the instructions:

Real Time display of water temp w/peak hold and over-temp warning(using factory sensor)

Two additional temp inputs w/peak hold and over temp warning (additional sensors required)

Independent control function of main and sub electric fans.

User adjustable start and stop temps.

Can control a water sprayer including a manual spray or auto spray with 2 user selectable patterns and 3 of fixed spray patterns. Water spray can be activated by Water temp or another temp sensor, vehicle speed or a manual switch.

Sorry that is all the information I have on it. I spoke to dusty on the cell and he said Joe [Carchitect(sp?)] has purchased one so maybe he will chime in.

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Vic, the unit is the best fan controller on the market. It is designed to work with the OEM engine coolant temp sensor and the OEM vehicle speed sensor. The speeds of the fans will turn on and off based on how you program it. The temp can be programmed to turn on or off for the low and high (all 4). In conjuntion the unit can use 2 additional temp sensors to monitor from the display. The temp sensors come with harness to plug into your fan controller's main harness.

The unit normally operates in a blue background. It can be programmed to turn red as a warning when a certain temp has met or exceeded. you can also set temps for the additional temp sensors independantly.

The unit also controls intercooler mist feature. It can spray based on temp and/or speed. It can also spray different patterns of mists as well. Once again user programmable.

The unit also uses an auxillary mist switch (optional). You can either use the unit itself or use the switch to spray the intercooler.

The fan output will have to use relays since the unit can power them directly. Use the weather proof delphi relays from Motec for this. The bosch relays are exposed type and I don't care for them. The unit will power the washer pump for the mist feature.

The unit can also be used with the a/c compressor signal from the ECU to power the fans on even if the engine is cold to allow the a/c system to work properly rather than have the a/c system build excessive pressure.

I do plan on having a full write up for the operation of the unit in a month or so.

BTW, the Fan controller looks virtually identical to the HKS turbo timer in silver with the blue face and should fit in most locations.

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