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Hks manual boost controller?

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My car came w/ the hks manual boost controller. I tried adjusting it but it turns around and around w/ no end. Are they all like this or is mine broken? Just wanting to know.

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i still have the directions so i am going to post their directions for adjustment.

1. before making any adjustments to the boost pressure:

A. install an accurate vacuum/boost guage as indicated in the user notes.

B. make sure that you have at least 92 octane fuel in the the fuel tank.

2. start the engine and allow it to reach operating temprature. make sure that there are no vacuum leaks (indicated by incorrect idle speed)

3. turn the knob on the control valve CLOCKWISE until it stops (lift up on the white lock ring to unlock the knob). lock the adjusting knob (push down on the white ring) and test drive the vehicle. while driving the vehicle, bring it under full load and make sure the boost pressure is at stock level.

4. to adjust boost pressure, turn the adjusting knob COUNTER_CLOCKWISE until it stops then turn the knob clockwise 4 revolutions to obtain your starting point. test drive the vehicle bringing it under maximum load, and noting the boost pressure. turn the adjusting knob clockwise to decrease boost and counter-clockwise to increase boost. adjust the boost a little at a time 30 degrees or 1/12 revolution. and drive the vehicle while you check the boost guage. if at any time the engine knock or pings, RELEASE LOAD FROM ENGINE IMMEDIATLY. failure to do so can result in engine failure. if you are running at maximum boost pressure below fuel cut the factory ecu will automatically compensate for the additional air flow with the proper amout of fuel. adjust the boost below the detonation accurance point.

just make sure you pull up on the knob to unlock it before you try to change the boost level.

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thanks that helped. could you somehow email me a copy of the rest of the instructions. I would really be thankful.

email: [email protected]

thanks again.
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