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HKS Super Dragger 2 for the NA???

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Ok, I was just surfing around the web when I came across Paisley Automotive and I went in to the 1993-1998 NA Supra Section...there I found under Exhaust listing that they sold an HKS Super Dragger 2 specifically made for the NA. Now is this true? The only exhaust that I knew that was made for the NA was the Greddy MX exhaust or just get a TT exhaust put on. I just wanted to see if anyone has heard of this....
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thats news to me...also, did you check out the price of their carbon fiber dash kit?


nice typo?
n/a exhaust

Check they have some info on the n/a. It seems there are some that are dual compatible-survey members for opnions. I'm looking around myself. Want something that works, not obnoxios has some bottom end. Y'know?
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