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hey guys,
im ready to buy an exhaust, but i dont like to jump the gun on things. making a decision on which exhaust is critical b/c of the price and the variety out there. just for the record i have an NA. at any rate theres only one NA specific exhaust, the MX and from what i hear its pretty quiet.
my number one exhaust choice is the HkS drager, BUT i do have a few concerns. owners where you at? :D first off, i hear the sound is a nice deep rumble, but not TOO intrusive, is this correct? i want a nice deep sound that doesnt completely invade the cockpit for a 70mph cruise.
second...RELIABLITY...the BIG ISSUE....the canister is stainless, but the piping IS NOT. how long have you guys with the drager had it? i live near philadelphia PA and i dont want the [email protected] thing to rust out in like two years. does this exhaust hold up? this is the question i really need an answer to. im 17 and puttin out 700 for an exhuast is a big purchase right now.
i also hear the ATR exhaust is pretty good...but i just love the drager's canister, and the ATR is intrusive at a 70mph cruise i think. can you guys help me out on this one. let me know all you know about the drager, MX, or ATR but mainly the drager.
dont dull down your thoughts, just hit me with the facts, i want to know the GOOD, the SO-S0, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE BAD!!
and any other little thing that bugs you, bothers you, or things you just notice about it.
thanks guys!!! i really appreciate it.
1993.5 NA 48,XXX miles:eek:

Dragger exh.

Hey Bob,
Since nobody is giving you an answer, I will give you my 2cents.
The HKS Dragger exhaust is definately a good bang for the buck, however it looks a little fat on the sides and sits kinda low. Chnco (allen) owns a 97 6spd. with one on it. (I dont know if he likes it or not)
If I owned a supra NA (getting a WRX) I'd look at the Kakimoto Hyper 200 Full Mega (not too expensive and new to US)
You can find out more at

The WRX is here.:D

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For your N/A get the Dragger 2, it is a little smaller, so it won't hit as much and you won't loose too much power from lack of backpressure. I haven't heard of anyone rusting out any HKS exhausts so it should be perfect for you.
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