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I just got my manifold last week, can't wait to test fit it. It's going on a 6M with a port job focused on the exhaust side. 5m/6m heads have very restrictive exhaust runners, so they will be gasket matched.

One thing I want to know if anyone has opened up the ports on the runners of an HKS short runner mani. I noticed as the manifold sits on the studs, it sits low on the head due to oversized mount holes (my 7mgte ct26 manifold has the same problem).

I think I have a fix for that; I'm going to insert a few SS sleeves in those holes to align the ports better.

Another question: what other wastegastes are you guys using? This will be my first ext. wg setup. I'm not sure if I want to shell the cash for the HKS model; maybe a Tial?!?

I know this manifold isn't the best choice because I will be stepping up to something like a T66 later, but I'm hoping it will get me by with the T61 till I find a replacement tubular model
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