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Im putting a hks turbo timer III (its definitley older than a hks IV) This thing came in a box o' parts with my supra. It has the harness on it,although it may not be for a supra, i dont know since this may have come from a different car. besides the harness connector there is a black ground lead plus a gray lead for the parking brake I beleive. it also has a shorter red lead and a green lead with crimp connectors on the end. what the deuce are those for? also is the ignition wiring i need to get to under the steering column trim?

other concerns: i want to put in a push button start later, will this timer still work, i dont see why not but im not an electrical engineer. also, when my parking brake is on there is no light on the dash, im worried that the wire to it is not carrying the 12 volts that the timer wants to see when it is engaged. and i dont have a multimeter.

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There should be 4 screws under the steering column. Once you take those out you should be able to slide it out, and that will expose the harness you need to get into.
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