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1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
2. Locate the ignition coil and the igniter
3. Mount the Twin Power unit in an are away from extreme heat and moisture but make sure the wires can still reach the ignition coil.
4. Plug the connector harness into the Twin Power unit
5. Connect the black wire to chassis ground. Make sure there is no rust or paint on the ground surface.
6. Using the splice connectors, connect the yellow wire of the harness to the negative side of the ignition col wires that lead to the ignitor. Only connect one wire per coil pack and secure the extras with electrical tape so they are not grounding or shorting out.
7. Splice the red wire of the harness to the positive coil wire that leads to the ignition switch.
8. Reconnect the negative battery cable
9. Start the vehicle and verify that the red light on the Twin Power unit illuminates
10. If the vehicle does not start, hesitates or stalls: reconfirm wire connections, use a volt meter and check for continuity at each splice connector, make sure the red wire is between 12 and 14 volts DC with the engine running, check ground connection.

thanks again Ken..

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(I dont mean to hijack but i do feel this applies here)
Im just curious, how many volts does the oem coil discharge? I mean its not common for many owners to be upgrading their ignition system, is there much of a gain to be had?

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