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HKS Type S FMIC and Supra year models

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Hi All,

I'm in the process of ordering a HKS Type S FMIC from Japan (I'm in Australia), and apparently what they tell me is that it's supposed to be designed for the Sept 97+ model. Anyone know what the deal is there? It certainly appears that it can fit any other 93+ model, is that right? Are there any complications to be aware of, apart from the overflow tank??

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Hey Tony, I had a type HKS type S on my 94 single car, another member has one on his 97/98 forget which year it is. I would hope the people telling you this would know what they're talking about but, I believe all the HKS products come from Japan......I had no problems installing mine
I have a 98, and the Type-S and l everything was fine, but the driver side piping was not long enough from the throttle pipe, so little modification to make it longer was done, but the fitment was great other than that, good luck
I've got the type-s in my 94, fit perfect.
my friend had one in his 94 auto!

What king of "modification" did you have to do to make it fit? I was interested in this IC for my 97 TT, anything else I should look out for? Any pics of problem area?


Enrique M.
97 TT 6spd
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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