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hey all, new user here, im having a few problems with a vpc that i purchased from the u.s... I have hooked up the yellow wire from the vpc, to the ecu, ive hooked up the + red wire to the b+ of the ecu, and i ve hooked up the white wire to the rpm signal and ground to the earth of the car..

im currently using a gm 3 bar map sensor, and running a 2400ohm resistor to the afm plug...the car will start, but will only rev up to 3000rpm, basically having a bee-r rev limiter on the car...any ideas? Ive gone through the schematic a number of times, and still cant get it..i have a greyplug ecu off an 89' 7mgte..

Any help will be appreciated...
Thanks in advance.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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