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Alright, no real forum for this question, but this is the only one close enough.

What is everyones favorite home system?

I have a DJ amp( Pyle-Pro PT-2000) and 4 JBL TR-225 Speakers in my room and my comp is hooked up to it along with some older DJ cd players. Check the speakers at

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I have:

**Lexicon DC-1 (soon to be MC-1) - pre/processor (24 bitt Burr-Brown Dacs!)
**Linn AV-5140 main Speakers
**(2) Marantz MA500 Monoblock amps
**RBH 1010 Subwoofer (Dual Aluminum cone 10's)
**RBH 250 W sub-amp
**Marantz CD-63 (Special Edition) - used as a transport only
**Audioquest interconnects

I love mine... I'm slowly building the home theater.. but for 2 channel it doesn't get much better than this within reasonable $$$.

Eventually I want to go full-active (tri-amp) my Linns... add the center channel, surrounds and upgrade to Linn amplification. Big HDTV (Pioneer Eline) projector.

Then NEVER leave the house again except to drive the Supra!
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