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Hey guys, I did a Google search and found an old topic from a couple years ago regarding hood dampers but I'd like some more specific answers.

I really want hood dampers/shocks for my Seibon carbon fiber hood but have heard all the stories about them being too hard to close on cf hoods and breaking them in some places. Are there any easy fixes to this? If I were to buy a set could I get them regassed? And if so, where? I've searched around and have tried to find some specifically for cf hoods but I can't find any for the Supra. Could someone steer me in the right direction of where I could find some? Or could someone walk me through how to build my own and where to mount them?

Thank you,

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Hi Kent,
I faced this dilemma too when I bought some CF bonnet struts and later on, a cf bonnet.

I think one of the important points to consider is that a lot of "CF" bonnets are only a layer of CF laid over top of an FRP (Fibreglass reinforced plastic) frame/shell.

Provided your bonnet is CF over FRP, and you buy suitable gas struts, then as long as you are careful when pulling down on it when shutting it, I couldnt see it ever sustaining damage.

There was a group buy on here, or the Aus forums back in 08/09 for "CF" bonnet struts, but it turned out the seller was an ebay vendor so Im sure he wouldnt be difficult to find. They are the ones that I have purchased and they still work perfectly to this day.

The most important thing to consider in my opinion, is to buy the correctly designed/manufactured brackets, as the brackets that come with the struts are nothing more the cheap P.O.S....There is a member on here named "Kbprice" and he sells the ones you want, so once you have sourced your struts, send him a PM and Im sure he will look after you :)

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