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i have an idea but i don't know if it's going to work. for the longest time i've have this digital o2 gauge that i nevered installed. i've had it for over 2 yrs now.

here is the link.

mods is that acceptable, i'm not advertising.

anyway can i hook that into my lm-1 wideband so it will read?

Can't wait for Spring!
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yes. I did it with mine, except with an autometer O2 gauge.

You will need. A stereo plug, like the kind found on the end of a pair of headphones. Make sure it is stereo, it will have three leads or electrodes. You could cut one off an old pair of headphones, or goto radioshack, they carry them.

next, you need to figure out which wire does what. Strip back the insulation and rubber from the wires coming from the stereo plug. then take a digital multimeter and set it to resistance ( ohms) or to the "continuity check" function. ( where it will beep when the test leads touch) Put one lead on the tip of the stereo plug, and then touch each wire until the digital multimeter reads a low resistance or beeps. Then write it down on a peice of paper. (ie, red wire = tip) and repeat this for the other 2 leans on the plug.

Next, go here,

This is innovates website and they have wiring diagrams, pinouts, and instriuctions to make your own analog output. The have a description in here how to setup the analog out in the LM-1 firmware and towards the bottom they have the pinouts. Basically, just attach the signal wire for your gauge to the #1 or #2 output according to the LM-1 manual/pinout. Then attach the sensor ground, and supply 12v to your gauge. All done.

the Lm-1 is really nice cause you can manually set the resolution of your gauge if its the blinky-flashy kind like mine. Your's would probably have to be set up to read 1:1 true lambda.

Hope that helps, i went in to a little extra detail just incase, i'm not sure how much experience you have with digitial multimeters and such.

Oh! That website is awesome btw, you can download the latest firware, software, manuals and they even have a LM-1 forums!

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