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horsepower freaks clutch

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anyone with the hpf bronze 6 speed clutch please chime in with any info on peddle pressure rattle, chatter, and any other info you have on it. please include what pressure plate and what flywheel you use also. i did a search and couldnt really find what i was looking for. i want a clutch that can hold the power but is quiet without rattle or chatter. thanks
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i want a clutch that can hold the power but is quiet without rattle or chatter

Then you want to skip this clutch.

I wish I could say it works as advertised... But for me it didn't.

GREAT service at HPF however... no complaints what-so-ever. It's unfortunate I can't recomend the setup.

I will also note that it does not slip either. Of course I'm not putting down 600+ yet so I can't speak for high HP applications.

-Russ T
97 T6
i have this setup
hpf clutch ,act pp and findenza flywheel.

it does chatter but not as loud as my first setup(az clutch and act pp and findenza flywheel)but if you raise the idel to around 1k the sound goes away basicly ..

to add the chatter comes from the lighten flywheel not the clutch! pedal pressure from the act pp is stiff but not as stiff as my setup on my stealth, so to me its ok .

do a search on this we covered this topic many times
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forgot to add.
if you dont want any chatter stick with the stock flywheel (im going back to the stock fw but keeping the HPF clutch and act PP i like it)

if you want lighter pedal pressure go with the rps PP.
I have the HPF solid/ACT/Stock flywheel. It holds without slipping, pedal pressure is from the ACT, but it is very streetable. As for rattle, zero..., as for chatter, that is a matter of driving style, if you give it a little extra RPM, it will not chatter, if you baby it, it will. I have only had mine for 2000 miles, but i like it. Carl
I have the clutch and it is great!!!I have RPS blue preassure plate stock flywheel set up.I wouldn`t consider Act to many bad stories.
One thing you MUST do if you want this setup to work.Have a NEW flywheel and preassure plate.I tried 2 times with used stuff,nothing bad a few thousand miles but it will NOT mate if used.You can re-surface all you want you MUST use new parts with the clutch.
The clutch chatters in 1st as you pull away but they all will.Just come out at 1,500 rpms and your ok.
Any chatter at idle will be a function of a used flywheel and tranny noise from it NOT the clutch.
I`m running 650 rwhp and 1.6 60 foots my best ever .This clutch will take it ,how long i don`t know but when it dies all new will go on again not used!Have about 6,000 miles and 12 quarter mile runs on it so far .
Chris has a new composite clutch out Feramic haven`t heard much about how its working yet.
Good luck
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I have the HPF setup and I can give feedback on a few things. I had the hpf disk/fidanza flywheel/ACT PP and it was awesome engagement but with a stiff pedal because of the ACT PP. It worked well until I slipped it too much with high rpms and a 2 step which caused it to fuse. It was decided that the Fidanza flywheel caused these higher than normal temps on this setup for doing this type of launch so Chris refunded me the disk and setup me up with a stocker flywheel and HPF solid disk. I didn't like the engagement of this over the sprung HPF disk and fidanza flywheel though. Anyhow, the clutch didn't do me wrong until I abused it beyond what the design was meant to do. Hopefully the new attempt works well so we'll see! :)
I drove my friend's car with HPF clutch and PHR Stage 2+ at 24 psi and is the best I have ever felt! It is quite stiff and has a fairly short engagement but only takes a few minutes to get used to. After driving the HPF clutch, even my ACT HD felt a little wimpy. I didn't do drag launches with it (not my car) but I did some hard full throttle shifts and it is amazing, it feels indestructible. It can be slipped somewhat, although not as well as my ACT. Then again, the HPF can hold major HP, so it's worth it. :D

BTW it had the stock flywheel and NO chatter, which is the only way I would have it for a street car, it will be my next clutch. :cool:
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