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I just ordered one of their clutch kits. Its a ACT hd pressure plate, and their 6-puck copper ceramic, sprung disk. Its suppose to hold over 600hp? Ill be using it with a stock flywheel.

I WAS going with a ACT Xtreme pp, with a performance street disk. But, the sales person talked me into their clutch disc, and the hd pp. He said its proven to hold up.

Anyone had experience with this clutch?
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You will be fine. I have the HPF Bronze Kit I am pushing over 600 +wrhp. I have had the kit for about 3 years. No problems at all, but it is a bit hard to slip though! It really doesnt like it.. hehehe but you will get used to it !
how much did it cost you

i'm trying to figure out what clutch setup i am going to use

i have heard some bad stuff recently regaurding an unsprung clutch or any clutch with a solid flywheel
Seems like the HPF Feramic holds up pretty good

This is what it says on the Horsepowerfreaks Site

Tony (Silver Bullet) 9.68 pass with HPF Feramic.
Matt Miller 9.88 pass with HPF Feramic.
Jack team702 (Virtual Works) 9.94 pass with HPF Feramic.
TT_6SPD_95 10.07 pass with HPF Feramic.
I didnt get the feramic, I got the bronze six puck (sprung). If you call them, you can probably get a much better price, than on their website.

All clutch kits are all mark-up. Pressure plates are all rebuilt, and clutch disks,....there's not much to them. You have to pay to play, though. I spent around $700 for my clutch, w/ a throwout bearing, and shipping.
I have the bronze and it's holding the power without any problems.
How long have you had it, or how many miles have you put on it?

And, did you have this clutch when you made 825rwhp?
How long have you had it, or how many miles have you put on it?

And, did you have this clutch when you made 825rwhp?
1 1/2yrs now, 5000 miles strong.

Yes, broke the engine and the clutch in on the dyno!:)
I have the feramic, and its sort of hard to drive, but i drive my tacoma automatic 95% of the time so that might be why. It locks like a beast when you let it out. Very very on-off switch style. And has an interesting metal sound when slipping like to go into reverse. Also will shoot sparks when shifting hard at night from tranny. But I recomend it, good stuff.
How much power are you guys running on the Horsepowerfreak Feramic clutch? And how long?
how much did it cost you
yep, how much did they charge you?
You must be asking about the feramic. Id like to know the price difference, from the bronze, as well.
I had the feramic when I was on the Gt42, now I have the Bronze. I loved the feramic, I should of never went with the bronze. Dont get me wrong it holds good, but it seamed like the feramic was allot more streetable. I have taken the bronze to the track a cupple times and it works great. I havent slipped it that much to see what it will do as in sticking to the flywheel. The feramic, I almost could slip the heck out of it and it would still work awsome and never fuzed itself to the flywheel. I ran it for around 36,000 miles of every day driving and about 150 passes at the track when it bairly hit the rivets. This was @600whp on pump gas and methanol and round 700whp on race gas and slicks. Definately one of the best single disc's for the money.

Maybe I should have went with that one. I think it was only around $100 more.
ACT makes good stuff and from my experience usually holds quite a bit more than they claim it to be.
I have about 10,000 miles on mine and I picked it up used from here for $350. Very god clutch if you ask me. Makes you car hard to steal cause its a biatch the dive at first, LOL. But gets much easier. Im going to run this for all its worth and then send it in for a rebuild when im done and start again. As much as I wold love a twin disk, there no wa im paying that much for it unless I have to have it. Its funny at work I replace twin and triple disk clutched on dump trucks and big rigs. They dwaff the size of any clutch for a supra but they cost less than a grand, LOL. just funny to me. Oh im ballpark 450-500hp
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