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***Houston Performance Driving Slot Car Shootout***​

What: Car show and head to head competition on the slot car track at Houston Scale Auto Racing Club. RussGB, an Houston Performance Driving forum member, kindly set up a day at his shop for just for us. We will meet at his shop around 1pm. He has ample space in his parking lot for a regular meet to check out everyone's real rides. Then, we can go into his shop for the racing! He has 1/32 scale cars, including brand new NSX's and Supras (I believe he has slower domestic cars for all the vette owners too :ball: ) I will include some pictures of the cars, track, and shop at the end of this post.

At the shop they have a road course, oval, a rally mountainside hillclimb, and a dragstrip too. The road course is on a table which is 28x8, and about 130' running length, and infra red beam lap timing and counting.

The event looks promising and will add some variety to the types of meets we have. It's a safe, fun, and legal. Post up if you plan to show up!

When: Sunday May 22nd.

Arrive 1:00pm
1:00pm - 2:30pm - meet and greet, and car show.
2:30pm - 5:30pm - RACING!


Scale Auto Racing
11612 Cypress N Houston
Cypress TX 77429
(281) 807 4026
HSARC Website

Who: You!

Cost: F-R-E-E. All you have to do is post up on HPD so we can get a head count and show up to the event.

Directions: Coming from 290 and BW8, travelling NW:
Take the Jones Rd exit. Turn right on Jones. Follow for 3.9 miles. Take a left on Cypress N Houston Rd. Follow for about half a mile. On the right will be a strip mall, Tower Oaks, with a large black bull on the sign out front (for the Cypress Meat Market). We are right back in the corner.

General Track Rules: We select 4 evenly matched cars. The car stays in the same lane for all races. The drivers cycle through the lanes. There are four lanes, and we normally cycle through twice. So that menas everyone gets 8 races.

Each race is 5 laps. We race crash and burn, which means if there is an accident, the marshall kills all the power, and de-slotted vehicles are removed. The wrecked car is left at the side of the track or its position is noted. With multiple accidents, its down to who wnet the most distance, and not when the crash occured. For that driver, and any others involved, its the end of the race. the race ends when all running cars reach 5 laps, or there is only one car left. If there is only one car he completes the lap he is on, and thats the end of that race. You get points for position - 4, 3, 2, 1 for first though last, and you get one point for each whole lap completed. this rewards consitency almost as much as winning. It also rewards the winner more if he had to race the whole way rather than just a default win becasue everyone else crashed.

We have a computer program that sets up the races, records all of the points, and records best lap time (timing is accurate to 3 decimal places on sub 10 second laps!). At the end the person with the most points is the winner. In the event of a tie, the person with the best lap time is the winner.


One of the Supras:

Some other cars:

The track:

Hope to see you all there!

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F&H Performance said:
Any pics of 7m or 2jz slot cars
The latest Supra is in the pic above. I am assuming you are looking for a stock looking 3rd or 4th gen? I don't know if they exist but if I find out I will post up. You can call up Russ at (281) 807 4026 and ask him as well.

Zach90Turbo: :werdlol:
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