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I was told by my friend, who owns a local sound shop, that if i wanted to keep my spare and targa space, it was a good idea to put 4 6.5 subs in the space where the stock amp is. His car has 6 6.5 subs and it sounds awesome in a bmw 328, with the smaller size of the interior of the supra i figured it would sound pretty good. Does anyone here have 6.5 subs? He told me JL made the best 6.5 subs. Im just wondering if anyone else has heard the 6.5's in a supra before. Thanks

JL Audio does make a 6.5" sub. In the W0 line. They sound really good, and require little amplifier power. They are suited more to SQ than SPL though, so if you want hard bass these might not be what you want.

Here are the specs...

Nominal Diameter: 6.5 inches (165 mm)
Continuous Power Handling: 75 Watts
Voice Coil: 1.25" diameter, 4-layer, Kapton former
Available Configurations: 4 ohm, 8 ohm or 12 ohm (Single Voice Coil)
Xmax (one-way, linear): 0.285" (7.2 mm)
Sealed Enclosure Range: 0.15-0.20 cu.ft. (4.3-5.8 liters)
Ported Enclosure Range: 0.20-0.33 cu.ft. (5.8-9.3 liters)
VRC² Technology: YES
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