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How Bad will a 300ZX toast me?

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Hey guys,
Well i might be racing a 300ZX TT with Dual Exhaust and some racing Chip against my NA. Apparently the girl that drives it is HOT hence win lose or draw i had to put out the challenge so that i could meet her hehe. Well anyway anyone ever met up with a 300zx TT on the street and if so what were the results? I know the guy that sold me my car said he beat one before BUT i dont think he was always honest with me and at that time i didnt know 1/8 as much about cars as i do now. I know ill probably lose but atleast i get to meet the hot girl right?! Anyway if anyone has raced one before let me know what to expect.
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Well..I dont want to make you feel bad or anything but i do belive you are going to lose...what type of bpu do you have?..My brother has a 300zx N/A and it has balls so i expect the TT to have even more....just my opition though.

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hey man...i dont know what your packing under your hood...but the best way to describe a TT 300ZX is like a Supra TT its not quite as powerful stock as a TT supra but it was still like 5.3 or so to 60 im gonna try and find you some figures...

this should give you a general idea.
PS. check back in to my air intake post soon i have some more stuff i need to talk to you about.
Yeah guys i know im gonna lose but supposedly she is hot so i have to take one for the team to meet her. Anyway i was just trying to get an idea of how close it MIGHT be i guess i should add my direct port 120 shot huh hehe no i wish i had that but unfortuneately i dont.
Damn home, I wish I could hep ya.... The n/a Z's look mean enough with there lower profile, but a turbo?:eek: Uhh would it help to recall the story of Indun & the golden apples? Best bet is to distract her. Sheesh!
Lol yeah man i think thats a great plan ill distract her and take off as fast as i can. Well actually if we race in the spot i have in mind then i have a chance of beating her but its really not that long of a stretch. And IF i win (not really expecting to) it would be because i got through the NA powerband before she could start building boost. Ill let you guys know if i can ever get it to happen.
I know a guy with a 1990 300zx TT with a intake, downpipe, exhuast, BC, Turbo timer, and I think it is a 6-speed, or 5, but he told me he barely beat a new Viper...Which run low 12s??? I know it's fast, and I didnt attempt to get on his side. He wanted to race, But I told him I ain't rockin the TT. Stock they got 320 HP, like the supra, out of a V6 TT. I saw the engine and it looked alot like the Skyline's.
Ummm, let's see. The male of the speceis wears the brighter colors & the female is usually more deadly.... :p This could be fun:D Just go for it man!
SupraDaddy_NA said:
I know a guy with a 1990 300zx TT with a intake, downpipe, exhuast, BC, Turbo timer, and I think it is a 6-speed, or 5, but he told me he barely beat a new Viper...Which run low 12s??? I know it's fast, and I didnt attempt to get on his side. He wanted to race, But I told him I ain't rockin the TT. Stock they got 320 HP, like the supra, out of a V6 TT. I saw the engine and it looked alot like the Skyline's.
Just for the record... 300ZX TT's came with 5spd trannies and had 300 HP. As for the Z's V6 (VG30DETT) looking similar to the Skyline's I6 (RB26DETT)..... if you say so :)
vreaux Love the quote hehe but to the opinions of some she may have the flashier car. Its ok i like mine better hehe and yeah the Skyline have an Inline 6 that would look more like a Supras Engine while the 300 zxs are using a V6 that would look like a 3000GT VR4 while the RX7s well they are in a class all there own.
300zx stats

300zx TT stock = 14.0 1/4 and 300 hp
stage II(girl) = 13.5-7/ 340 hp
NA 300zx =15.4 / 222hp
NA 300zx(stage3+) 14.8/ 260 hp

these are all 90-96(new looking ones)
OF course, the 90-96's are indeed the ZX's to have. I have been refering to them as the 2nd generation 300ZX. What's the proper nomenclature in the forum field?
It seems the n/a ZX has an edge on the n/a mkIV whereas in the turbo version, the Toyota is a bit quicker. Hopefully, Toyota will answer the 350Z & we can have at it again!:D
Z terminology

The 90-96's are Z32's(skyline is R32) before that the 300zx's were Z31's. Also an advantage that the Supra(NA) has over it's Z couterpart is the fact that you can get a turbo kit, these are not available for the Z, however a 93 Twin Turbo with 50k miles will only cost you about $15000 and can easilly mod to 500hp +

Appreciate the info. Why no turbo kit for the n/a Z? Are the n/a performance upgrades close enough to stock/stage 1 turbo? What constitutes stage 3 for the n/a Z? I thought the Z32 was the best ever- rivaling the original 240.
By the way, what can ThomsomCharm hope for against a turbo Z?
lots of stuff available for the n/a Z... i guess the basic upgrades are intake, exhaust, headers, eprom... then there's the port and polished heads... extrude honed intake plenum... nitrous... and a whole bunch fo other stuff... sorry if i get some that stuff wrong... those are just some stuff that i remember from memory when i had the z and looking some stuff up. it all came from the stillen catalog.

there doesn't seem to be a lot of space in the engine bay for turbos... on the old z, isn't there a whole lot of symmetry in it though... i mean two of this and that... that car was cool...hehe... but supras are still my fave... ok lateZ

post the race results with the z32tt ... i'm eager to hear about it... lateZ
Why there is not a T-kit for the NA Z

With the high compression, you need a massive intercooler( there is no where to put it) Also it is a V-6, which equals two manifolds(not like only 1 on Supra), which makes it hard to make only a single turbo kit. Basically no one has designed one that could fit under the hood, without massive modification. Some(like 2 peeps) have put Superchargers on there NA's , but had to toss the AC for room. the twin turbos would bolt on, but without an intercooler, you could only run about 3-4 psi before detonation. Oh yeah, also it's popular opinion( still being argued though) that headers/ polished heads are a wastse without NOS
But still there's promise for the Z32 as an n/a hot rod. How is it that nobody has done it for the n/a Supra? The SE (slow edition) has a hard top, mechanical seats for a 3146-3255 curb weight (dry?), but no one has campaigned an all motor version. I can remember back in the day when 240 owners bragged about beating those heavy, choked, C3 Vettes! They did it without turbos too! :D
For about 4K, can some one produce a 285-330 rwhp n/a? :cool: Given what BMW has done with the M3, could a vvTi head, 12.5:1 compression produce mid 13's in an n/a? Huh?;)
Hey guys bad news looks like the race isnt going to take place after all she resigned she musta taken one look at the ride and been like no no please no i cant take it *yeah right she knows she could kick my ass* Anyway as far as the high horsepower NA yeah im sure it can be done its just a matter of how much money your willing to spend on your new modifications you would have to spend alot on research and development of things im sure. But with about everything you can do to the motor im sure you can get over 300 horses. Im talking like the Japanese Motor that we saw a while back that was putting out around 400 horsepower. Not just bolt ons the numbers just dont match up. But if you go in and do betters heads, pistons, no restiction in the intake of exhaust im sure its possible. But still daily driveable? Thats the trick. Well anyway i hope to see one someday.
about the NA racer

the Z like the Supra is very heavy, and hard to make an NA run fast. One guy (Arnel, is doing an all out race NA, no NOS, but it's not done yet. I'm staying NA, but it costs big $$ for the labor of pulling the engine. Labor for putting in High Comp pistons is 4X the actual piston cost. Also Z engines are not cheap, about 2600 for a used one. So you can't just run around blowing engines, like you can for an eclipse or civic.
NA 6 forum

there needs to be an import NA 6 forum, just for Supras, SC 300s, 3000GTS, 300zx, and so on. So much info could be swapped between comparable cars, I.E. 200 + HP 3.0 L
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