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I've never done that before...anyone? Thanks.
I'm bumping an ancient thread just to provide the info because I just did it today and was looking to see if I missed anything:

PB Blaster
12mm Box Wrench

If you don't have lift access you do as I did and jack the car up on the passenger's side and get a stand underneath. The sensor is toward the front firewall angled to the outside of the car. It has two 12mm nuts on it. You'll have to be a little tricky to find the right angle but I did it and I'm a novice at best. Once off you can clip all the snap fasteners along the wiring of the connector (new oem one has them on it).The electric connector ends up next to the wastegate VSV you can take it off by hand. Tighten the new sensor into place and connect it the clip. Done.

This is a dead simple job, you might find it useful to have a bending head gear wrench handy, I used it at one point to loosen a nut but it's not required. I reset my ecu afterward before turning the car over just for good measure.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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