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Im replacing the center bolt in my targa top but i dont know how to take the headliner out. I dont want to force it and cause damage. So If u have a shop manual or u have done this before let me know how to do it. (Mikv article does not help)
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As far as I know, in order to remove the headliner you have to remove the side rails. The installation of the side rails is basically one way (if you remove them you have to buy new ones). Some people have removed the side rails without ruining the weather stripping but I would think it would be very difficult.

From what I understand in the diagrams. The weatherstripping is glued to the side rail. It has to be pealed off. Then you can access the side rail screws and remove the rail. The rail is also apparently sealed to the roof. Then you can remove the headliner which I believe is attached with those plastic clippy things.
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