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hey guys.. all I read on this site are guys with t66, t70, t78, etc etc... huge freaking turbos..

how do you guys get away with it and not worry about lag?

just comparing to buicks and all.. which are larger displacement even.. and should have less of a problem with lag id ASSume.. do you guys make up for it with higher revs or what?

c'mon.. teach me ;)

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I'll take a stab at this, boys!

I am VERY familiar with turbo Buicks. My old Turbo T/A was built by ANS Performance, and I also used to be a dealer for ATR. I think that qualifies me. :D

TurboSix: You are already on the right track...

1) Buick pushrod, 2-valve heads hate high rpm unless reeeeeally massaged. Most stockers redline under 5500rpm, and most mildly modded Supras pull to over 7000. My Turbo T/A ran high 11's, yet I shifted it at around 5400 for the best ET's.

2) The Supra 2JZ-GTE cylinder head is VERY efficient. It flows gobs of air in stock form, and tons in ported form. A cylinder head that moves a lot of air needs a lot of air. Hence, the bigger turbos.

3) Lag, schmag!! :D I don't know about you, but I like to go FAST. So a big turbo doesn't reach full boost until 4500rpm. So what? Who the hell races full-throttle and shifts at 4500rpm? In my case, as is your Buick, you have an auto trans. CONVERTER, my 6-cylinder friend. Put your foot on the brake, step on the gas, and you will rev freely until the boost builds up. I got your lag right here! Even better from a roll. Just punch it. Duh. Trans kicks down a gear, tach hits around 4000rpm, and WHOOOOOOSH...

4) If you are looking for a good-performing Buick turbo, but something you can run a mild converter with, try out a TE60 or a TE63. Should be good for low 11's to high 10's with the right fuel, EPROM chip, and exhaust.

Happy boosting! :)

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glad to hear your response man :) hehe..

my eventual goal is 11.99 in street trim.

right now.. as my car is a non IC car.. im not worried about 11s..

however my next time out @ the track, im going to run a 12, and a low 8 in the 8th..

ive got a 2600 stall and a stock 390cfm turbo. It runs ok for no intercooler..
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