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How do you feel about Autotek?

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I'm hoping to end up with some one my next system. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with them? thanks
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I have an Autotek amp and its nice. Pushed my subs well. Ill sell it to you really cheap i dont need it any more. Its littly used. Just let me know
i used to have an autotek sx2300. autotek delivers the best bang for the buck. i recommend the street machine or stealth series to power subs. if you got anymore questions about wiring configurations or ohm load or whatever...feel free to email [email protected]
I'm using an Autotek Sx-5750 5Ch Amp 75Wx4+200Wx1 to power my whole system. 6.5" Focal 165V in the door and rear, also two 8" Polk DX8 in the stock sub location. So far so good.

93.5 TT 6spd Hardtop BPU
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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