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How do you remove the rear bumper?

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Aside from all the obvious screws, fasteners. I've removed the 10mm bolts outside the tail lights. but is it just snapped in under those bolts. And It's secured in the center somehow. I just don't want to break the bumper. Thanks,
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there are two(per side) 10mm nuts on the inside of the quarter panel,one (per side)10mm bolt on the top corner behind the taillight,one(per side) 10mm nut on the bottom corner ,basically all along the seam where the bumper meets the quarter panel, then you have the obvious clips along the top and the bottom
Thanks man, yeah I looked inside last night and found them. Thanks for your help. Need an oem bumper:wavey:
no problem,don't forget to unplug the harness for the tag,also watch the little yellow caps that are slid on the studs which go thru the quarter panel,that is if you have unmolested OEM bumper,they help prevent scratches when installing the bumper back on the car
Cool thanks for the tip, I didn't see those so I guess mines not a virgin. I got the new bumper on ok I had an issue w/ the side lights as far as the holes not matching up w/ my veilside bumper flares overlapping but nothing a dremel couldn't fix. Just taking it off and puting it back on was a bitch, I guess it gets easier after the first time but I'm sure there is problems here or there when at the shop. You (paint)guys that remove everything are worth every penny. Now I need a paint, I'm yellow w/ Rsp bumpers:D Thanks again,
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