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How does this sound???

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I am about to purchase a sound system for my car and I was wondering if this was a good way to go?

Pioneer DEH-9300
Alpine Speakers (front and back)
10" Kicker sub (round)

I am thinking about an Alpine amp which one would you get that is not way expensive (200-400)


If you have some of this equitment that I have listed tell me how it is.

thanx again,
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Pioneer is ALWAYS a good deck to stick with. Have had no problems w/ pioneer at all. Alpine is also very good.

Alpine speakers are excellent quality for the money. Depends on the budget you are running on.

And as far as Kickers, we have a single 10" Kicker Comp VR in my dad's Ford Lightning and it thumps the hell out of it. Now, it is just a truck, but everyone that I know that has the CompVR's are very pleased with them. they aren't competition quality or anything, but are GREAT bang for the buck
what would be a nice cheap competition quality 10" sub?
image dynamics idq subs are pretty good for the price. you can get them from
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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