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Since he doesn't mention the size of the turbo, it is impossible to say how much power he is making. However, even with a small turbo, he should be putting down at least 550 rwhp and anywhere from 500 to 600 ft. lbs. of torque. With a larger turbo, who knows.

How fast it is in the quarter is actually not as much about hp as it is about proper set up. A well set up 500 rwhp will easily beat a much more powerful Supra in the 1/4 that isn't optimized for short distance, from a stop racing. I have encountered many single turbo Supras that where unbelievably fast from a roll, but unable to do better than 11s in the 1/4.

If he runs the tires he has listed at race time, forget it. He will just spin the crap out of them.

Another thing that isn't mentioned is whether it is a 6 speed or auto. Autos are generally much better in the 1/4 than 6 speeds.

Then there's driver skill, which is more important when it comes to Supras then most other cars since Supras are very difficult to launch well, even the automatics. Difficult doesn't mean impossible. In the hands of a very good driver, both a six speed and an auto are capable of 1.4 second 60' times, assuming good tires.

If you are not running at least low 10s, I wouldn't bet any money if I were you.
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