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A guy I know recently picked up a 97-98 Supra with the list of mods below. He wants to race me, so I'd like to know what I'm up against. Below is the list of mods he said he has...what would you all estimate his RWHP/RWTQ to be at, as well as 1/4 mile ET?

Greddy Single turbo kit with a larger TPC (Turbo Performance Center) turbo

RS Akimoto Front Mount Intercooler

720 Injectors

G-Force upgraded computer (w/rev limiter removed)

Racing fuel rails (purple)

HKS Vein Pressure Controller

Greddy Turbo Timer

HKS Fuel Pump

Greddy Exhaust

Rod Millen 3” Downpipe

HKS Hard pipes

HKS External Wastegate

KYB 4-way adjustable shocks

Eibach Springs

Mackin Gewalts 18x9.5 (front) 18x10 (rear)

Dunlop Sport9000 235/40 ZR18 (rear) Pirelli Super Sport 275/35 ZR18 (front)

HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve

Greddy Blow Off Valve

HKS Boost Gauge in factory clock location

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The guy said he has 6-speed with a short-throw shifter, and yes, he would be racing me from a stop with everything on that list.

Low 10s, huh? Looks like I have some work to do...I hate NOS but it looks like I either get a 150 shot and DRs to MAYBE have a chance...or I just show up stock and have my ass handed to me.

I accept that there are faster cars than mine, but I don't want to lose to this guy because he is a real prick. If I lose, it's gonna haunt me for a LONG time. EVen if I came back and beat him in the future, he'd still be saying "well, I won the first time." and that'd bother me. I'm very competitive. :) THanks for the info, guys!!
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