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i hear people saying that they need to get stiffer suspension when they run high power (eg big single) to prevent wheel hop/spin - is this true or can the stock suspension cope just fine - assuming here that we are talking about street use

i get the impression that a stiff suspension is only really need for faster cornering rather than for straight line street racing - it this true?

when i say straight line i mean if you floor a single turbo supe with a stock suspension will it be going sideways all over the place ? - ie hard to keep going in a straight line (and therefore dangerous on the street).

i'm already going sideways a bit already + some minor wheel hop, but it's more of a slight fishtail and i never feel like the car is going to get out of control.

reason i ask is i have stiff coil overs and am considering getting something softer, but i don't want to do this if it means when i go big single i have to swap back to the stiff suspension to handle the power. i don't speed round corners [a sure way to die young] so i'm more interested in straight line control.

looking at some of the drag racing vids the rear end on some of the high power supes squat quite a bit which makes me think they are still on stock suspension.

so what do ya all reckon: stock can handle hi power in a straight line with control or not? / stiff suspension only any good in turns true or false?

thanks in advance
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