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jdm7msupra said:
I ordered some Tanabe springs from 935motorsprts on the 12th and it still isnt long do they usually take?The order was pending untill 4/20 and now the order is processing but i was wondering if neone else has experience with how long it takes?Am i just impatient?
Yeah you are just impatient. Tanabe is a very unpopular spring to order. Tanabe only has a select few authorized dealers in the US and 935 isn't one of them. Therefore, they have to order from someone who is, and they have to order from Tanabe. Tanabe NEVER kept those springs in stock in the 2.5 years I sold parts for the MK3. They were brought over from Japan as they were ordered. If you want quick, get ST or Eibach or perhaps B&G.
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