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how much boost can stock bov hold before leaking?

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how much boost can the stock bov hold before it leaks when using the stock turbos?

just wondering...
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I also have the same question.

I remember someone saying that no aftermarket BOV is as good as the stock BOV. This is hard to believe, so is it true?

Also, when people buy a BOV, do they replace the stock BOV or just mount it somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I think typicaly when you buy an aftermarket BOV you do replace the old one. Also many people replace their stock one because they are kind of prone to leak a little oil over time (at least mine was and i have read of it happening to a lot of others).
Stock BOV

The stock BOV will hold enough boost at BPU with no problems; I believe the only concern is flow rates.

I and a lot of other people mount an aftermarket BOV with the stock BOV in its stock location. This allows some air to be recirculated back into the MAF so that the engine doesn't temporarily run rich and stall.

Others just remove the stock BOV and mount an aftermarket BOV in its place or another location (after plugging up the stock mount holes). This may cause stalling on untuned MAF-equipped cars.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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