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How much can I get fo this??

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I found a guy who's selling his 5spd 1986.5 NA supra for $500. It just blew a hg, it has 170,000 miles on it, dash is a bit cracked up and the seats don't look to great. I can fix bhg for about $50 and was gonna put on an intake also. After I do this how much u think I can sell this for?

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try asking in the MK3 section. most of us are MKIV NA's so we can't really help you. good luck
This is the n/a section! You belong here. Looks like the car you already have is pretty nice, what's the attraction with this n/a? My guess is it would be worth about 1500-2000 with an old interior & dash.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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