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hello ppl.. i was thinking.. how much hp do i get from my setup..
just finish tuning.. below are my specs..

@1.5bar of boost
jza80 manual jdm
haltech ps2000
stock engine with euro cams
800cc sard injector
works engineering adjustable camgear
sard fuel regulator
greddy 3 row front mount intercooler
custom twin scroll manifold
holset hx50 and 16cm2 hotside
aem air intake
apexi n1 exhaust system
synapse 50mm wastegate
hks evc 4
BAP on stock fuel pump

these are the necessary items i need to include..
im asking because there is only one dyno shop in my country and its in repair at the moment.. just finish tunning from an oversea tuner.. and also what kind of spark plug would suite this set up? the tuning session foul up my ngk 3330 plugs 5 times.. and im borrowing my friend iridium plug from his 1jz.. any input will be nice..
thanks guys

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to those wondering, my buddy and i looked at his 18cm^2 hotside t88 the other day and that is about 1.0 AR

so 16cm^2 is probably 0.84 AR approx in my opinion.

i have no idea what a holset hx50 will do at 1.5bar. i dont even know how big that turbo is. sounds big though
probably 500-650 hp though :dunno:
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