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how much HP do you really get out of a Fluidyne radiator and powerhouse fans? i purchased some and i haven't gotten them put on yet! i have an auto 93.5 TT Supra. i also have other mods such as:

APEXi N1 full exhaust
hks super sequential blow off valve
Greddy turbo timer
hks fuel cut defenser
k&n air filter
stillen cross drilled rotors
intrax coilovers
apr aluminum wing
veilside front bumper
coming soon: racing heart M5's 18x9 front 18x10 rear, fluidyne radiator-powerhouse fans, hks hardpipe kit, polished radiator hose kit,Apexi AFC!

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ok I know I am a newbie to the world of boingers and all, but how does a radiator give you more HP? All it does is simply keep your engine bay cooler??

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turbo cars produce an incredible amount of heat and for every 11 degree reduction in temperature you are free-ing up 1% more power. Do the math, with this radiator, the proper fluids, and the TRD 71 degree C thermostat you are reducing engine temperatures 15 degree's minimum or 1.5% more power being released!!! If you have a 500 hp BPU car for example then you are releasing an extra 7.5 hp with just these changes, plus you are increasing the reliability of the fluid cooled components.
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