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For all you guys out there familiar with car audio, I was hoping you could keep me from getting ripped off. I live in the dallas area and I am about to do some car audio upgrades to the supra. I already have replaced the stock speakers with Bostons and the head unit but now have money to add an amp and subs. I would like to add two JL 8's to the rear stock sub location in a custom wood box and a five channel amp. What should I expect to pay for this stuff, with install. If anyone knows of a good place in dallas, let me know. THANKS

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I charge about $325 to build a box that goes down in the factory sub location and will hold a couple 8" subs. Depending on the subs, the box is made out of MDF and a sometimes a bit of fiberglass.

I could build one and ship it to you if needed.

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