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How much stick can a stock clutch take?

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I have been flooring my car hard on takeoffs and when shifting 1st to 2nd gear. Will I have a problem with my clutch? I however launch only at around 3500 RPM.

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You'll be replacing it soon.

Not to long after you do the boost mod.:(
So guys! The stock clutch can't take much ay? I better cool of on launch. Also is it bad even when shifting from 1st to 2nd? what is the best way to floor it? cause the wheels really spin on full acceleration even when I launch at low RPM? Also even when I shift to 2nd and hit the metal I have the same loss of traction. Any advice?
What do you guys use for rubber? Maybe there is molasses on the road or something. Maybe my car is really a dog because the only way I can get my tires to spin is in first gear and rev the engine up and snap the clutch out. Otherwise my car just squats and takes off and will hardly ever spin the tires. There must be quite a difference in the compound of the rubber between different tires.
Are you kiddin me? This car of mine just loses complete traction on 1st as low as 3500RPM and almost fishtails with wheelspin coming into 2nd.What mods do you have? Also what rubber are you using? I guess jap spec cars have a lot more torque at low RPM's than U.S spec especially if you are using a downpipe. :cool:
Currently using Dunlop SP-8000 will be changing over to BF Goodrich K/D's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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