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Ok here are the specs...
1993 NA MKIV Supra
Bone Stock
42k Miles *which is like nothing for over 9 years*
white / black *good cond* leather
only put 2k miles on it over the last 6 months and the owner b4 me put 40k on it over 8 1/2 years so... i think its like almost new in performance and driving. Be a good project car.

1000$ sound system:
2 - 12" KFC w3003 Kenwood subs
1 - Bazooka 600 watt EL1500 amp for subs
2 - 4" 452i Infinity Speakers (Replace front door stock)
2 - 6.5" 652i Infinity Speakers (Replace back seat stock)
1 - Concept CC602 2 Chan Amp for speakers
1 - CDE-7856 Alpine HU
+ the best wiring from Monster Audio and all

well just lmk thanks!


Added: Also for those who are wondering why i have CDT speakers in my sig and infinities up there. Thats just what i have in now. Im tryin to get my CDTs to fit since they are ####en awsome speakers. They have a little too much depth tho, so for now the infinities stay..
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