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Approx time: 2 hours

Links to pictures (sorry for quality and size):

I tapped into the fuse box for this install, instead of the cig lighter wire. This way, if anything happens, you will not have to take apart your dash again.

1. Get all your parts. You will probably want to get a blade fuse (I used a 15A one) to insert into the empty seat heater slot.
2. Locate the lower fuse box in the drivers side kick panel. You do NOT have to take anything apart, except for the fuse box cover to get to it. You will notice an empty slot in the top row, 3rd from the left.
3. Take your blade fuse and put a wire (about 1 foot long) against one of the blades so about 2 or 3mm stick out from it. Bend the extra over to "hold" the blade. (A fuse tap can be used here, but I didn't feel like buying a pack).
4. Insert that fuse into the empty slot, making sure the blade with the wire is on top (the fused side).
5. Piggy back onto the wire with the provided blue clip.
6. Now, find a good ground for your power module. I cut the spade connector off and wired it to my alarm's ground. You can usually find a screw under the shifter console, loosen it, and attach it there.
7. Connect the power (red wire) to the piggy back that you made.
8. At this point, connect the phone cord to the radar detector, and to the power module "main" slot. Turn your radar detector on. It should not turn on yet. Now turn your car key to the "ON" slot and if it turns on, then you're set! If not, check your ground and connections (it would be good to have a multimeter here, I didn't need one).
9. Great, it worked! Now just hide the phone cord. Attach your radar detector to your windshield or visor, and start hiding it from the radar to the kick panel so you can hide all the excess cord. I hide my in the roofline by the windshield. Then you should dig out your weathering strip from the a-pillar, insert the cord in, then cover it back up with the weathering strip. It's nice to have a flathead screwdriver here push the cords in well.
10. Hide all your cords and enjoy!

DAMN u a big one lady
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pretty cool, yea i have a radar dectector also, but i have it running off the cig lighter... kinda sucks cause it's in the way off my avc-r so i'm thinking of hardwiring it also. Sorry i can't help, but i'm going to be in the same boat as you pretty soon. Good luck bud.

The only bad thing i have found with the cigarette lighter is the little metal piece on the end pops out with the fuse sometimes and is a pain in the ass.
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