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I don't know how the type R and S differ but when I did the Type S on my '94..... You have to cut through a plastic part that helps hold up the underpan sheet. Well be sure and leave the thicker
lower rib intact and it will still hold up the plastic underpan.
Cut a hole in it not through it from the bottom up. Also you have some "play" in position of the IC to raise or lower the pipes so they can cross through that piece and also to help save the underpan plastic I heated it CAREFULLY and re shaped it to keep me from cutting a hole accross the front so lower IC would fit it.
As a final fit I got it lightly screwed in and heated while I tightened up the screws along the front. Maybe type R leaves off
underpan entirely-if so SORRY!
good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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