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How To Kill A Ferrari 360?

At Christmas I drunkly challenged my boss to a track based race. I have a manual TT Supra (no mods) and he has a Ferrari 360.

I want to hand him his ass on a plate so what mods does everyone recommend. I'd still like to keep the car usable for everyday if at all possible (or at least be able to change a few things back easily).

He gets to choose the track so I'm betting on something twisty to make best use of his mid engine layout. He's very confident as you can image.

There's nothing big up for grabs other than pride.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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One of the better mods would be a really fast driver!!! Hope your track driving skills are up to snuff because if they are not and your boss is pretty good, he will kick your bum. Why not do some track events with a good instructor. If you could only get advance warning on the track and do an event there first, it will be worth a lot. Look I ended up kicking a 996 tt Porsche AWD on a track with a supra that had no more than an N1 exhaust, K&N drop in, and brake duct set up. The Porsche should be faster on paper than my car but the driver was slower your truly. So the best "cheap" mod is experience and a good instructor. If that doesn't work, cat back exhaust, DP, BCC, Dawes Device, and some very sticky tires. Good luck.
Barry H. (Coveting the 360 Modena)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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