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How to prime turbo?

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I want to get into the habit of priming the turbo whenever I change the oil. So it's time to change the oil and I don't know how to do it.
Would just undoing the EFI 1 and EFI 2 fuses do the trick?
Also how long should I crank it for? I don't have an oil pressure gauge, although its on my list of things to get.
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I had the idea that removing the EFI Fuse and cranking to build oil pressure was the way you do it. I however didnt know that you did that when you changed the oil. I'll put that on my things to do now. I only did it when I installed new turbos.

Yea. Especially since I have an oil cooler.
I also fill the oil filter with oil too.

Do you pull both fuses?
i pull both to be safe. hehe

as for cranking, when i had my turbo offi wanted to make sure there wasnt any leaks in the oil feed etc.

It took about 12 cranks for oil to finally reach the oil feed line. So i usually crank it twice for about 6 times each.
I however didnt know that you did that when you changed the oil.
AFAIK, you don't.

I've never re-primed turbos when changing the oil...

Pulling the fuse sounds like the way to go.

Does anyone actually know the "proper" way to do it if just pulling the fuse and cranking it over a couple times isn't enough/correct...
There is no need to do this, only when the turbo is new and dry.
if you do it every oil change, then what happen every time you start your car? prime it too?
Not to mention turbos in the 67mm+ size barely spin at idle
well, maybe not when cranking, actually mine spin very fast at idle and continue to spin for about 4 sc. after turn off.( standard bearing) anyway but the point is only need to prime it when dry (new or been sat for looooooooong time)
Well not necessarily to prime the turbo, but to get oil flowing through the engine. Especially since I have an oil cooler, it seems like a good idea to crank the engine a few times without starting the car, as there is very little oil in the oil lines.
yea that seems reasonable not to prime the motor every oil change just if the Jurbo is new or been siting for a while.
Not to mention turbos in the 67mm+ size barely spin at idle
my 67 spins pretty good at idle...
my 67 spins pretty good at idle...
I was about to say that mine does pretty well too. lol But then mine is only a 63mm.

And again, there's no reason to re prime the turbo after changing the oil, only after the turbo has been removed and is dry.

One thing I have to point out, is the when I crank the motor, ten time isn't enough.
when I install my turbo, I'd try two time with the feed line stick inside of bottle and nothing came out, and finally did on the third try. this is for the car been sitting for two week. so the best thing to do is to fill the turbo with some oil before install.
Pour a little oil down the shaft so it can get into the center section. It will smoke a bit on startup but that is normal anyways. Also pull the EFI fuses as stated by others and crank it for a good 10 seconds.
When you turn off your car all of the oil drains down into your oil pan. I don't understand why you changing your oil would have any thing to do to the above fact. Turning the motor over without letting it to start still turns over all of the rotating parts in a close to oil starved environment. Seems like the effort you are putting in has no benefit.
When you remove the oil filter, you drain a good amount of oil. The engine is starving itself for oil for the split second that the oil filter fills with oil. And since I have an oil cooler, where there's about 7 feet of tubing where the oil needs to travel, I figured it be good to prime the system first.
The oil that's in the oil filter is the difference between starting it normally and after you change the oil. Whether it has any benefit I'll figure out when I get an oil pressure gauge.

With that said, I didn't prime the car anyways.
thats funny when i pulled my 2 efi fuses my car wouldnt start.
maybe cause its jdm or NA it dosent like it?

Whats the point of priming the turbo anyway? its barely spinning on idle anyway, if your really worried you can just put your finger on the tip to hold it.
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