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Hey guys, the point of this thread is to help me learn how my car should be setup on a dyno dynamics. Ive heard that strapping the car too tight will make it lose power and running slicks will cause power loss and also where it is on the roller. If you have input please add to the thread. If you have experience operating the dyno such as correction % and other functions please give your input. A local dyno just got one and i just want to make sure all is setup right for when I go.

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Dyno Dynamics, high power cars, how to strap.

1- Place the car onto the rollers.

1-A- Drive up to 50 mph for 30 seconds, so the car aligns itself on the rollers.

2- lower tire pressure to 5 psi

3- Strap the rear wishbones, using DD traction control units, perpendicular to the rollers. Meaning that the strap goes 90 degress in between the front and rear rollers. The DD traction units are very useful. Keeps the strap 90 degree and prevents the car from being pulled backwards. Try just to pull down 90 degree.

These 2 wishbone straps, strap as tight as you can. As if you were going to tear the straps.

3-A- Inflate tires to 50 psi. Use HARD COMPOUND TIRES ONLY.

4- Use 2 more straps, named as limiting straps, go over the wishbones and back under the `traction bar`. Keep these two straps slightly loose, to allow 1-1.5inches of forward movement.

5- dont use front chokes. place them 10 inches away from front tires.
Just for safety. Not to limit the movement.

Go to shoot out mode to avoid any correction factors.

Make a run in low boost. see results.
Increase boost step by step.

Dont be diasspointed by the power.

Use hard compound, treadwear 160 and over tires. Never run on soft compound tires.

If there is wheel spin, you will see chunks of rubber all around the rollers, on the ceiling and on the walls.

If this does not help, go out of shoot out mode.

Press `L` for load, choose `MANUAL` and dial in a value of 120. This is the Manually entered load value. Test @ 120. See if results are better.

If better, try a value of 100. See if power is raised or not.

The lower the LOAD value, the more load the dyno applies.
A value of 10 is a very high load, where the car can rev the second gear in 20-40 seconds.

In this manual mode, the logic is to apply more load so that the tires see more load during a power run, and an insant boost increase wont cause wheel spin. I do this for all high power turbo cars. As the manual load applies a greater load to the rollers all the time.

Make sure you have ZERO correction factor in Manual load.

That will work 100%. I had problems and a DD Tech came here to just teach me how to do.

Good luck.
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