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This might be basic info for the pros around here, but it was something I was searching for and couldn’t really find detailed info. Hope it will be helpful down the line.

A few things to note:
  • This was done on a Canadian 1988 non-targa, turbo
  • Bolt sizes were added based on memory, sorry if I mixed up any of them
  • This is to remove the complete bumper - i.e. bumper rebar with bumper cover attached
  • My guess on how to remove the cover is also at the end. If anyone can help to fill in the blanks, it would be much appreciated
Remove turn signals
There are two phillips screws holding each light - one on the outside and one in the grille:


After the screws are out, tug the light to the right (or left, depending on which side you’re working on) and it should come out and you’ll have access to the plug.

I don’t think it’s mandatory to remove the lights, but I removed them just to be safe.

Remove grille
There is one phillips screw and two clips holding it on. The screw is located behind the grill, in the centre (roughly near the emblem).

The clips are located just beside the turn signals. In Image 2 above, the clip is above the second “T” in the TOYOTA emblem. This is a better look at the clip from the passenger side:

Remove splash guards
There are two splash guards, one on the passenger side and one on the driver side. They are held by a few clips (phillips screw type) and a 10mm bolt. I ripped the clips out because they weren’t unscrewing and I couldn’t find my clip pry tool. Some of the clips were already missing too so I'm ordering a new set of clips.

The bolt is located towards the top of the splash guard and is at an angle. See Green arrows in Images 8 & 9 below.

With the guard removed, you should have easy access to unplug the fog lights. See Image 10 for general location of plugs.

Remove complete bumper
Bolts/screws holding cover

Start by removing the two 10mm screws in the wheel well. Be careful with these screws as the tips may break. See red circles in Image 5.

Spread the fender liner out and you should be able to see another 10mm screw holding the bumper cover onto the fender. See yellow box below.

With the fender liner spread, you’ll see there is a nut near the bottom of the bumper (see Orange arrow in Image 5 above. This nut broke off with the bolt on both driver and passenger sides. Here’s what that nut was holding:

The images above show the driver side. Repeat for passenger side.

Bolts holding Rebar
There are two 10mm bolts and two 17mm nuts that need to be removed. The two 10s are right in front:

This should give you an idea of where the 17s are located:


With the stock intercooler I was able to reach these bolts easily from underneath the car with a deep socket. After installing a new intercooler though, I couldn’t reach the passenger side nut from underneath anymore. Instead I had to use a combination wrench and get it from the front.

Once the nuts are out, you can pull the bolts out - some angling might be required to get it all the way out. Remember it’s the bumper with rebar, so it might be a bit heavy.

Overview of bolt locations on bumper:

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Removing bumper cover
I’ve never removed the cover, but based on what I saw this is how I would attempt to remove it. If anyone has experience with this, please fill in the blanks.

From the bottom there seems to be four bolts, all of which appear to be rusted and easy to snap. For now I soaked them with WD40, hopefully this will save me when I’m ready to actually take the cover off.

From the top, it looks like there are 5 nuts. I believe they are accessible with the turn signals and grille out.


Other than that, I’m not sure what else is required to remove the cover.

As you can see, my bumper is not in great shape. I’m saving this as a project on its own to fix the bolts and all rusted hardware.

1987 Supra Turbo R154 Pearl White, Blue Velour
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Oh man, thank you. I want to do this on mine coming up. Did you replace the inter-cooler for functional reasons? Does it run better?

I want to take mine out to clean it if nothing else.
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